About Save Our Sisters

Save Our Sisters (SOS) is a non-profit organization, and South Florida’s first Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Racing team.

They are a survivor group whose focus is on living, rather than on the disease that brought us together. Team SOS members are from all walks of life, range in age from 30s to 70s with varied interests and fitness levels. SOS offers an active, health-giving, life affirming opportunity for breast cancer survivors.

Save Our Sisters mission is to promote a healthy, active lifestyle, and provide organized opportunities for physical fitness, wellness education, and psycho-social empowerment among Breast Cancer Survivors and their supporters through the sport of dragon boating.

SOS, is committed to:

  • Educating the Public about Breast Health
  • Serving as Role Models
  • Mentoring those newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer
  • Assisting under-privileged women in providing Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment
  • Raising funds for breast cancer-affiliated women’s services

SOS Miami

To learn more about SOS, click the dragon above.